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Modern vinyl films come in a huge variety of colours, textures and opacities. Vinyl's inherent water permeability allows wet fitting, which makes for a smooth finish and enables repositioning for accurate alignment. After fitting the residual moisture dries quickly and cleanly.



We carry a wide selection of frost effect films, ranging from the familiar Opal Frost through to 3M's elegant Frosted Crystal. All of these can be digitally cut and some great effects are possible using combinations and layers of different frosts.



As well as the neutral frosts, we also have a variety of very attractive pastel colours, pinks, greens etc. These create a very clean, contemporary look, particularly suited to restaurants and retail environments.



We carry a large range of opaque and translucent (these let a little light through) coloured vinyls which allow almost limitless creative solutions to glass manifestations. Logos, crests, and other motifs help to support a corporate identity and with sensitive choice of appropriate film, attention to scale and setting, they need not be overbearing. Cut vinyl film design motifs can be economically rendered over large areas. Whether in the atrium or canteen, in public or private spaces, large scale design has a contemporary, immediate presence. Vinyl designs can also be changed without incurring high re-fit costs.

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