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Rafa data sheet


ImagePerfect™ Silver Frost is a semi-opaque, matt, PVC that is suitable for use on a wide variety of clean, dry surfaces. May be used in most interior applications and many exterior decorative and display applications where an etched glass or matt effect is required on a glass substrate.

Metamark Frost  gives an opal etched glass effect and provides a medium level of opacity - producing a simulated frosted glass when applied to windows.

Dusted and frosted crystal films. Dusted film has a particularly matt finish whilst the crystal film has a sparkle and comes in a variety of different colours.

A film for creating sand-blast effect etching on glass and mirrors etc.

The Image Perfect™ 3500 series is a high-quality, monomeric matt vinyl range with a semi-permanent,
solvent-based adhesive. This range is available in black, white and 30 colours. The vinyl is a specially formulated, flexible, calendared PVC to enable better cutting and faster and easier weeding.

Data sheets

and Guidelines

Rafa & Printed vinyl

There are two types of digital images: vector images and raster images. Vector images are usually logos or line art graphics and can be enlarged or reduced in size without affecting the quality of the printed result. Most commonly used images, including digital photographs (jpeg being the most common file format), are raster images, which means that they are made up of a finite number of dots or pixels. The quality of this type of image when it is printed varies depending on the size it is printed out at.


For example, you might have a picture file which is 600 pixels by 300 pixels in size - and this will not change, no matter how much you enlarge or reduce the size of the picture on the page. So if you make the picture 2 inches wide by 1 inch high, its resolution will be 300 dots per inch (dpi). As a rule of thumb, this is the maximum size you can make this particular picture without starting to compromise its quality when it is printed. If you enlarge the picture to 4 inches wide by 2 inches high, its resolution will drop to 150dpi, because you’ve got the same number of pixels spread over a greater area.

For large format printing - such as rafa canvas or printed vinyl, where entire walls are having graphics applied - a minimum of 100 dpi is acceptable

PDF is now the industry standard method for submitting artwork for printing, because it generates smaller files and, when used correctly, it ensures that all graphics and fonts are properly embedded so that they will print correctly no matter what computer you print them from.

Download artwork guidelines


Reflective solar control and privacy film that offers significant improvement of working conditions due to a high reduction in solar heat gain and air-conditioning costs. The film acts as a ‘one way mirror’ offering privacy during daylight hours.

Meets the requirements of Health and Safety Legislation for safety in glazing and provides fragment retention (bomb blast protection). Approved by the Ministry of Defence.

A lightly tinted grey film perfect for shop fronts which demand high visibility and ultraviolet protection.

Blocks out over 99% of UV radiation , reducing fading of valuables, fabrics and furnishings.

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