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uV protection


Perfect for stopping fading of fabrics

Especially when exposed to direct sunlight, the fading of fabrics, prints, in fact just about anything using dyes or pigments, is all too common. This gradual deterioration is not only unsightly but can also be expensive.



Fades fabrics, prints and many other objects

Much of the fading from sunlight is caused by the ultra-violet part of the spectrum which is of course invisible to the human eye. While normal window glass will not pass UV-B light, UV-A radiation can only be blocked by using specialist glass, or far more economically, with Solar Film.

The solution

Choose a film that reduces fading effects

Llumar's range of fade protection window films are specially designed to filter out at least 99% of the harmful UV and reflect infra-red heat, while still leaving a pleasantly lit living or display environment. While no film can entirely prevent fading, epl can supply and fit film that will greatly reduce its effects, preserving even delicate colours for many years.



We have a wide range of films to choose from

The range includes films that are ultra clear (once installed, the film is virtually undetectable), tinted, or reflective, to offer a choice of fade protection performance and visual characteristics.

For the office, home, shop window, or museum, at epl we will give you expert advice on fade prevention.

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