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Solar Control Film

Solar Control

Perfect for temperature control

Heat & glare from the sun pass easily through normal glass, and can make life uncomfortable at the office, in the home, or on the shop floor. As the temperature rises so working efficiency falls. Even window blinds can't keep interior spaces cool - they just keep out the light. Cf films' Llumar range of technically advanced solar control films work to even out temperature highs and lows. While keeping energy costs low.

Keeping cool

Solar control film

In the summer the films reflect back the worst of the sun's heat. They also reduce visual glare while still allowing good illumination. 

Saving Energy

Solar control film

Many buildings fitted with Llumar films have benefited from savings in both air conditioning and heating costs.



Solar control film

In the winter months certain types of films reflect the escaping heat back in to the building helping you stay warm throughout the winter.

Staying Legal

Solar films will also help employers to comply with European Workplace legislation

"So that work premises provide a safe and healthy place to work, your employer should keep temperatures at a comfortable level (a minimum of 13 degrees C where the work involves physical activity; 16 degrees C for 'sedentary' workplaces (eg offices) - there's no maximum limit."

Llumar solar protection films act as passive control measures and often help to achieve compliance with no other action being needed.

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