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One way perforated film transforms glass with graphics that can only be seen from one side. The graphics are used for advertising, branding or to achieve decorative effects. They also provide privacy and solar control benefits to people inside buildings and vehicles without blocking their view to the outside.

During daylight hours this gives privacy inside a building from outside. After dark when light levels are higher indoors than out the effect is reversed - that's when it's time to pull the curtains!

How It 


Contra Vision Film

Contra Vision is a self adhesive window film that is applied to glazing. The film is effectively a dotted sheet where the dots are printed with the graphics on one side only and the space between is unprinted. When looking at the side with graphics, the eye is drawn to the printed colours (because they reflect more light than passes through the non-printed areas) and the viewer sees a complete image (provided the lighting on the outside is brighter than the inside).

The Secret

Contra vision film

The secret behind the one-way vision effect is ensuring that the printed graphics on the outside of the glazing are not visible from the inside of the glazing. This is achieved with a black backing which covers precisely all the printed areas of the film without blocking the unprinted areas. When looking through this unprinted side of the film, the view beyond the glazing is dominant because the black layer absorbs light and stops the graphics showing through (in effect the dots become invisible from the inside).





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